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Fic from deleted journals, fair game?

 Hello, I'm new and I have an issue/question. Recently an author deleted their fic from LJ and FF.net by deleting their accounts. The author cannot be reached. I've saved said fic as a PDF and don't know if I can distribute it.

In *my* opinion, this should be fine. After all the author posted the fic to the public. I'm not saying by doing so that they gave up the rights. I'm saying by doing so, they acknowledge the risk of doing so. In addition since posting it to the public, doesn't that mean they wanted it to be seen? That they didn't care if it was to be seen? With that in mind, why wouldn't it be ok to distribute said fic? It has the old author credited. Like I said, just my opinion.

Can I or can't I? I've looked up LJ TOS and FF.NET TOS and they pretty much, to me, say, if you post on our site, we are not responsible for whatever happens.


Apr. 20th, 2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
I just make the point that to say that "legally" one is not permitted to do so is incorrect. It's my idea (and that of the government's) that unless it can be held up in a court of law it just doesn't fit the bill; and fanfiction will not hold up as a copyrighted work.

I think maybe the problem was you didn't read my whole comment, because I clearly argued in the alternative, with one paragraph of "if you subscribe to the idea that a person has any right in fanfic" and one paragraph of "if you subscribe to the idea that none of us have any copyright in fan work." The line between infringing derivative works and transformative works that are protected (and independently copyrightable) under the fair use exception is not a bright one, and there are legal scholars and lay persons who make compelling arguments on both sides of the debate. (See http://fanlore.org/wiki/Legal_Analysis for citations to several articles published in legal and scholarly journals that debate this topic.) You've come down clearly on one side of the debate, and that's perfectly legitimate, but that doesn't make my pointing out that there are two schools of thought on this issue wrong.
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